We believe in bible action, not just bible study.

We believe that kids are not just the church of tomorrow, but that they can be World Changers right now.

We understand that after age twelve most people’s beliefs are set for life.

Therefore, KIDMO's purpose is to inspire world changers by equipping kids to:

  Does God exist?
What are the attributes of God?
What is the character of God?
What is prayer?
What is worship?
  How and why was the world created?
What is the nature and purpose of humanity?
Why did God create me?
What is good and evil?
How do I make right choices?
  What is truth?
What does the Bible mean to me?
How can I experience God?
What spiritual authorities exist?
What happens after we die on earth?
  What is the Church?
What is the mission of the Church?
How does the body of Christ function?
How can I help others know Christ?
How can I pray for others?
  What gifts has God given me?
How can I use my time and money to serve God?
What can I do to serve the church?
What can I do to serve my community?
What can I do to serve those in other countries?



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