L5: Lil' K Foundations of Faith

  Preschool years are foundation-building years. Parents and Preschool Ministry Leaders work in concert to lay a foundation for a child’s fledgling faith. The goal is to build basic understanding of essential Christian principles and a Biblical worldview. This foundation prepares the preschooler for spiritual transformation during the elementary years and beyond. Research affirms that after age twelve most people’s beliefs are set for life. The L5 and K5 are integrated progressive paths to transformation in these formative years.

Lil' K identifies and prioritizes 5 Foundations of Faith.

Lil' K's purpose is to teach these foundational truths to preschoolers


Who Am I

  God’s Creation: God made people. God made plants and animals. God made the earth, moon, sun and stars. I can thank God for the things He made. God wants people to care for His creation.

The Individual: God made me unique. I am special. God cares for me. I can love God. I can love others just like God loves me. I can learn from the Bible how to live.

Who Is God

  God: God loves me. I can love God. God is caring. God made me. God made the World (creation). God can do great things. God hears me when I talk to Him. God has a plan for my life. Jesus: Jesus was born. Jesus grew. Jesus loves me. I can love Jesus. Jesus wants people to love and follow Him. Jesus is God's Son. God sent Jesus to save me. I can learn from Jesus' life and teaching.

The Bible: The Bible is a very special book. The Bible is about God and Jesus. I can learn from stories in the Bible. The Bible is God’s Word.

My Family

  Family: God gave me family to love and care for me. Family members love and help each other. I can obey my parents.

My Church

  The Church: People at church learn about God and Jesus. People read the Bible at church. People worship God at church. People at church help other people. People at church tell others about God and Jesus.

Community: God made everyone and loves all the people around me. God wants people to be kind to each other. People around me are important to God. I can help others. I can make friends. I can love other people, even if they are different from me. I can tell people about Jesus.

God’s Big World

  World: God loves people around the world. People around the world are important to God. Missionaries travel to far away places to tell people about God. God wants people around the world to love and help one another. God wants all people in the world to know about Him and Jesus.



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